What Exactly IS the Difference between SYDNEY and MELBOURNE?

As someone who has spent several years residing in both of these prominent cities, I am often asked, "What exactly is the difference between Sydney and Melbourne?". Well, my friends...they are very different cities.  Here are some of the significant factors: 1.  The Weather Melbourne's weather is as unpredictable as my mood at that time of the … Continue reading What Exactly IS the Difference between SYDNEY and MELBOURNE?

My Bali Mum Needs Help

Last year I was travelling in Ubud, Bali... I was by myself and I must've eaten something strange, because I became very sick and pale and was passing out on the street. I stumbled into the nearest place which was a cafe...and this beautiful woman asked me to lie down, gave me tea, and made … Continue reading My Bali Mum Needs Help

Hello, Dear Friends!

Fellow travellers, nomads, lovers and students of life...welcome to The Adventures of Ling Ling!  I started this blog to share some of the not-so-common experiences I've had travelling to and along some of the roads less travelled.  So grab your passport, spread your wings and fly away with me!