My Bali Mum Needs Help

Last year I was travelling in Ubud, Bali… I was by myself and I must’ve eaten something strange, because I became very sick and pale and was passing out on the street.

I stumbled into the nearest place which was a cafe…and this beautiful woman asked me to lie down, gave me tea, and made me rest for more than an hour until I was able to make my way back to the temple hostel where I was staying. She was even going to make her son drive me back there.

She refused to let me pay for the tea – just wanted to make sure I was safe and alright.

Now she’s in trouble after a motorcycle accident – her whole family is so loving and I just want to make sure they get the help that they need.

Thank you Made Parni for being the wonderful, giving soul that you are.

If you can give anything, it will help:

Made Parni Medical Expenses Go Fund Me link

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